thmoas rubyThomas & Ruby

“Hi. My name is Ruby. This is me and my dad. I love spending time with my mum and dad but they have to work all week so one day a week I get to go to my second favourite place, the K9 camp. I love it there because I get to just play and do doggie stuff, and when I get pooped I can just laze about in the sun or get snuggles on the couches with Tineille and H. Sometimes mum and dad go away on holiday and can't take me so I get to stay at the K9 camp while they are gone. It's great and I feel loved and don't miss home so much. This is my story. P.S. I get doggie treats when I get picked up. Awesome.”


Marie KelbyMarie & Kelby

Tennille has given me techniques to use on my deaf dog Kelby that have given me confidence in training him like any other dog and not like a dog with a disability.

She gave me clear advice with patience and joy. It was well worth it and I enjoyed every moment.”


MarleneMarlene,  Lily & Mia

“I had no control over my dogs.  They were constantly barking at passersby, chaotic on the walks and making my life frustrating.

Tennille has coached me to take control of situations in a calm manner, that builds trust between me and my dogs.

I recommend The K9 Coach to anyone who is completely frustrated with their dogs.”


Margaret SamMargaret & Sam

“Tennille  was great.  She made it easy to understand and I felt comfortable with the techniques.

I would definitely recommend anyone to use The K9 Coach.  Me and Sam loved working with her.” 


Cheryl ChanelCheryl & Chanel

“Wow!  My 2yr old dog Chanel and I are in a very happy space – thanks to Tennille coming into our lives from an ad in the Te Puke Times.

After reading books and approaching many people, some professionals, I was at my wits end as to how I was going to have a happy wee dog.

I got Chanel, a very tiny Yorkie, when she was 4 months old from a lovely Papamoa family who bred her.

The first two weeks she stayed and sulked under the couch most of the time and being my fourth dog I had never experienced a timid dog before.

Now thanks to Tennille with the simplest of methods, we are making great progress in a matter of hours and days.

We all love our dogs, perhaps too much and I am so greatful to Tennille training me as well.

As they say “you can never teach an old dog new tricks” I can assure you you can.  I’m 68 years old and so pleased with everything I’ve learnt.

A big thank you Tennille.”