Classes and Workshops

      Ultimate Recall Class

  • Learn how to get your dog started on a reliable recall.
  • What to do when your dog doesn't come during training sessions.
  • Learn how to insure a solid recall even when your dog is distracted.

Classes are held on Saturdays from 12 - 2pm at K9 Camp in Te Puke on the below dates.

No Classes are currently scheduled for 2019

Private consultations are available inquiries to  or use our contact page.



      Loose leash walk workshop

  • Learn how to prevent pulling and what to do when your dog does pull.
  • Learn how to prevent leash reactivity.
  • Learn how to deal with reactive situations when they occur.
  • Learn multiple techniques and create a toolbox to deal with pulling and leashed situations.

The loose leash walk workshop is spread over two days and is designed to give you many different strategies and techniques in all areas of walking your dog on leash. The workshop is great for anyone who may be struggling to walk their dog on leash or for those that just want to make the walk more enjoyable for both them and their dog as well as covering what equipment is best suited for your walk, you will learn what to do in an emergency and understand why your dog behaves the way he does in those situations. Tennille has brought together many techniques to ensure that there is one that works for you.

No classes are currently scheduled for 2019
Private consultations are available for inquiries email  or use our contact page.